pearls from inner earth

By Dov

Art by Erial




It is the muse
Whose ancient melody arises from within the spiral shell
It is the mist
Whose sparkling rainfall scatters droplets of heaven's love
It is meditation
Whose stillness harbors the meandering mind......
It is magic
Whose wand weaves all together to make sleeping fairies of our dreams awaken...
From the inner realm where love dwells...

Through the portals of our heart
Life emerges Like the fragrance of a rose
As the water in a mountain spring...
In the words spoken in a moment of enchantment...
As the light which reveals beauty and wonder... Transforming shadows of the past
Into sparkling the jewels of this moment
The Magician of time reveals the future
With a potion of joy and this magical incantation: 'Release the essential pattern'
'Align our beingness with the stars'
'Nurture our dreams within'

'Refine our consciousness to behold the invisible'
'Expand our view with vibrations of peace' And thus reality is transformed
into a wonderland
of rapture upon rapture,
and sacred moments following sacred moments
Revealing the realm of hidden worlds within the known
Worlds beyond our awareness
until the music, until the mist, until the meditation, embraces the moment
And whispers secrets to the heart...
That all is well and noble in the universe.
Through this awareness...
Our lives order themselves
In order to dance along with the procession of time Reaching in all directions

We are uplifted...
Like the branches of the tree are lifted to the sky... As we allow the same hands that give grace to the swan,
And the song to the sparrow,
And the music to the river,
To embue us with clarity and purpose
Guiding us to our greater potential
Until one day we are magically ...
In our unique and neccessary place in the grand order of things.


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