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What people are saying about Erial's Artwork

"May the planet and beyond come to know the wonder, beauty, and glory of your art. truly it/you are a healing, joyous blessing to me, and all who are privileged to look upon your soul's out-picturings."
-Leorah Sky

"Erial Artist( Malibu) and his symbolism Gift
The vision of Star visitors
For Experiencers."
- author unknown

"Congratulations too on your artwork, it has an incredible luminescence, the light actually seems to emanate straight from the beings, but you somehow manage to preserve the shape and form and color. Well done!"
- David Chai
lotus dance video -

"It Is breath taking.... but Incredible! I always have a Takes your breath away reaction to your ART!
No words...really....You are not from here..That is Obvious....
- Paola Harris
ufo investigator

"I am stunned and exhilarated to find your art! It touches my soul. It makes life come more alive! I love it!!!"

Thank you for creating such beautiful resonant fields of peace, harmony and love with your artwork and vision.
- Kimberly Rex
MS, CHRP/CRRP -Holographic Repatterning

"I am overwhelmed by your creative depths and artistic development."
- Kay Gameiro
visionary poet and author

"I would like to honor you for so beautifully bringing forth your vision so that we can all enjoy and remember a higher order of existence. Very well done."
-Gordon Lent
Associate Director of The Exploration Center

"I am enthralled with your artwork! I am in Awe! I have no words to explain the thoughts that rush through my head, when I view your soul! through your painting, Your sight (site) I just happen to gravitate to".

"When I discovered your work, I was overwhelmingly connected with the lighted worlds manifested in your art. That moment of discovery actually enlivened and excited me in an undefinable creative way - the best way to describe it is PURE JOY."
K ----------------------------------------------
Kay Gameiro, visionary poet and author of "PSI - Portal to Symbols & Images"

"The images you create are filled with ancient memories.....and the Goddess in me is very nurtured by that."
- Tracy Grams
creator of "bliss concert"

"I've NEVER, EVER seen such wonderful and breathtaking PAINTINGS, they are all fantastic!"
- Ulla Runchel
visionary author of "The Crystal Universe"

"I sooo love your work....I would buy all of it...and will the minute abundance lands on me:-)) debra from california now living in nyc! (im really from arturus) YOU ARE AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Suzanne Tounian

"Erial is the most brilliant painter of all, ERIAL - GOOGLE - for starseed children, (arturus and other cosmic paintings I have never seen his match)..."
- telosa3 / debra

"Your newest image brings such joy to my heart,
I am warmed and inspired by your astounding spiritual presence.
It is a high honor to receive such deep healing and inspiring light weaves from one of the living masters of our time."
- Delvin Solkinson
Visionary permaculture teacher and plant path poet

"Your new images are BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE are amazing, your spirit and souls vibrational energy are on the highest tone level I have seen in many, many years.
You are my favorite inspiration of colorful creation, the energy inside the choice of color is so full of healing, You ARE the future painter, I have seen your paintings many places www, people use them, you must be proud to think about how many people you've helped to raise their inner awakening and reactivate their own inner healing and creations' energy, it's really powerful work in many dimensions."
- Ulla your friend in Europe
Ulla Runchel is a Danish healer, visionary writer and futurist who has written "The Crystal Universe" a magical tale of her journey's to higher civilizations beyond the earth to bring back information of healing and inspiration.

Echo's Poetry For Erial
"Your art takes me to a world of fantasy, imagination, & gorgeous creation. The splendor of the sender dwells deep in a prism of color to transcend, illuminate, and then soar on wings of the windows of the mind. I find such inspiration, on the meditation you have contemplated. Your brush combines the spirit of light worlds, a song of dimensions that dwell in a most celestial atmosphere and leaves me to wonder how splendid higher beings have enlightened you with their presence in a form that leaves me silent to be dazzled by the wish to be enthralled by this visionary gift. Lord of artistry thy refuge in solitary moments opens my solar songs to bless the open lotus of jeweled drenched forms allowing me a glimpse of the worlds far superior and stand inspired by the blessing of this artistic counsel. Journey on this carpet of delight as fairies flower bouquets, permeate a marvelous magic, and I am remembered to, by this quest that you have brought forth in a way that leaves me so overwhelmed by the realm I can but only be showered upon and left to cry a mere song of my state of wonder in ultimate emersed visuals, You have taken my soul to original beauty and I must create from this experience a place in the kaleidoscope of dawn."
- Echo
mysterious internet poet




Fine Art Giclees are priced individually. Please inquire about a specific image.
All Erial Ali Giclee Prints are hand signed, numbered, and accompanied with a Certificate of Authentication. As the edition sells out the prices go up. Most prints are in an edition of 125.
Prints are mounted on museum quality foam board, placed inside a protective polybag ready for framing.
Open Edition Fine Art Prints are available for most of the images in the Website Galleries.
Prints are 8.5" x 11" (inches) or 13" x 19" (inches). Prints are rolled and shipped in a mailing tube. Shipped by UPS or USPS. Please allow about 2 to 4 weeks for delivery in the US. Rush order prices slightly higher. Custom re-mixes of images available.
8.5" x 11" - $30.oo - 13" x 19" - $45.oo.
Add $12.oo for shipping and handling in the U.S. Possible discounts for multiple orders.
Shipping to Europe, Mexico, Australia, and Canada_International Orders : use Paypal or send international money order, or check to:_Eric Alley (Erial Ali) - 29745 Harvester Rd., Malibu, California, USA_Fine Art prints $50 for first item and $8 for each additional item. This is a general rule but since international rates vary from continent to continent and country to country the cost may be more or less than the above.

Open Edition prints__8.5" x 11" - $35.oo plus tax. 12" x 16" - $50.oo plus tax. Add $12.oo for shipping and handling._21.59 cm x 27.94 cm - $35.oo plus tax. 30.48 cm x 40.64 cm - $50.oo plus tax. Add $12.oo-$20 for shipping and handling. Shipped by UPS or USPS. Please allow about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


For Collectors

Why is Erial's Art so valuable?
Erial is as as much an Explorer as he is an Artist. He has spent over 40 years developing his consciousness and artistic abilities to be a clear channel for the works that come through him. The images he brings to life are representations of beings and worlds beyond the Earth. The subtle realms of the Spirit World. He is very careful and specific about the qualities of energy depicted. They represent levels of awareness or consciousness and are also all elements from Erial's "Grand Story of Universal Transformation" in progress. A new Mythology he's writing and illustrating as a Graphic Novel to account for the many discoveries he's made while in Visionary and Dream States.


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Shipped by UPS or USPS. Please allow about 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.
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Payments with credit cards via Paypal. Cashiers checks or money orders also accepted.

What is Visionary Art?

An Article which mentions Erial, by Alex Grey



Artist, Writer, Storyteller and Musician Erial, has been drawing since he was 3 years old.

*At age 11 he began painting by copying the Masters and observing Nature. His other major
influences were Comic-books, Science-fiction, Fantasy, and his own personal Dream Adventures.

*He graduated High School in 1973 with Honors and went on to 4 years of College where he majored in Illustration &
Design. He worked at night for Job Shops such as 'Say Graphics” & "Hugh's Aircraft" as a Technical Illustrator, which
also included Layout, Design, Production, Paste-up and Camera work. He learned his precise Pen & Ink technique here.

*After this he became a Free-lance Illustrator and Designer working for companies such as “Educational Insights” doing
Black & White and Color Illustrations for Children’s Magazines, Books and Educational Materials. In his twenties a strong
personal style began to emerge and he contributed to several magazines including, Fantasy Book and Elan Vital’ (Journal
of Art, Philosophy and Science) with Spot Illustrations for Short Stories.

*To further his Education he began studies in Mythology, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Dream-theory, Meditation and
Spirituality, among other more esoteric disciplines. Subsequently his work began to move from an almost
exclusive Fantasy/sci-fi orientation to including more Spiritual and Mythological themes.

* In the early 1980’s he completed a successful series of Sum-i-style Watercolor Portraits of Aboriginal Peoples of
the World. Showings of the paintings took place in the LA Nicole Gallery and Center Theater of Los Angeles. Other
commercial work included Illustrations for Meditation Magazine and designing Posters and Flyers for Botanical
Dimensions (Terence& Kat Mckenna) of Hawaii. He also did Storyboards for film at the Dave Lowery Studio.

*Later in the 80’s he studied Mythology, Storytelling and Shamanism at the Ojai Foundation, as well as to attend
Lecture/Conferences on the Roots of Consciousness and Creativity at the Esalen Institute of Big Sur, California.

*In 1991 he worked on several Animated Films for Don Bluth Studios as an “Assistant Effects Animator.” The films included
“Thumbelina”, “A Troll in Central Park” and an experimental Japanese Short. At the same time he began work on his own
graphic novel "In Search of Wonder" doing many groundbreaking drawings and paintings of Other-Dimensional Beings.

*His personal search for meaning and a deeper sense of purpose culminated in a series of spectacular Visionary
Experiences, where he was witness to Untold Wonders of the Divine Imagination and Beyond.
*They inspired several Personal Projects, Stories, Paintings and Drawings. Many of the paintings were
seen at a Two-man Show with the Fiber-Optic Light-Sculptor Gregg Stephens, at the Illuminarts Gallery in North
Hollywood, California. He called these highly detailed airbrush paintings: “Transdimensional Realism.” Several of
which he also exhibited at the “Art Rock Gallery” in San Francisco, in a group show with other notable Visionary Artists.

*During the 90’s he completed a series of large paintings called “Cosmic Devas” or “Galactic Angels”, based on Angelic
Visitations. These works appeared at several shows including, “Things from Heaven” in Ventura, Cal., The”Whole Life Expo
Visionary Art Gallery” in LA, The “Eco Expo” at the LA Convention Center, and the “Band of Angels Concert" in Ventura, CA.

*In 1997 Erial self-published a small book (Issue #0) of Pen & Ink Drawings and writings called, “In Search of Wonder.”
He participated in the 1999 multi-media event, “Imagine Los Angeles”, held at the LA Convention Center, where his was a
Featured Artist, and again exhibited the Cosmic Deva paintings based on his encounters with Ultra-terrestrials.

*In 2000 he was Art–Director for the “Millennium 2000 Celebration, Performance and Video, at the Solar Studios in
Glendale, California, where he created a Sacred Space for music, performance and fine dining.

*He continued studies in Sacred Geometry, Human Potential, and Intuition at the Inner Light Center
of Malibu, California where he held an exhibition of “Prints, Paintings, and Pen & ink drawings."

*Erial was invited in 2001 to participate in a Sacred Geometry Conference at the Institute for Metaphysics
in Joshua Tree, California., where he gave a slide presentation of selected Paintings and Drawings.

*Between 2003 & 2005 Erial focused on creating Full-color Paintings for the Poetry and Art collaboration
called "Pearls from Inner Earth." He also made some strides in creating the ”Celestial Visions” paintings.

*In 2006 he was invited by Alex Grey to exhibit some Mandala images for the Contemporary Mandala Show at the
MICROCoSM Gallery Show in New York City. The same year he was published in Alex Grey's CoSM Journal, which
features the leading edge in Visionary Art and Culture. The “Gaian Overlord” painting and a short Bio appeared.

*Later that year his art was included in Iasos's on-line Visionary Art Gallery where he was a Featured Artist.
*His art also appeared on two Magazine Covers, "Paradigm Shift" in England, and "Eso-Tour" in Majorca, Spain.
*October 2006 saw him contribute art for the "Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex,' published by Delvin of B.C.
* In late October of 2006 his art appeared on a 24 foot mural for the "I Am Family of Light" gathering in the UK.
*2007 saw the "advanced" publication of the Art & Poetry collaboration with Dov Gertzweig called "Pearls from Inner

*Later in 2007 he became involved in a Multi-media Project in association with "The Exploration Center,"
concerning the Mysterious Origins and Exalted Destiny of the Human Race,
where he's contributed Storyboards, Art Direction, and Visioning for the project.
*In November of 2007 Erial he exhibited a Signed, Limited Edition Print, at the CoSM Gallery in New York City
for the Gala Benefit Dinner "Metamorphosis."
The Art is part of an auction in support of the new site for Alex Grey's
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.


*More details upon request. Thank you.






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