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Newest Great Music from Stellar Emerging Musical Artists

Nils Lovestar Records Staff Producer, composer, guitarist, whose smooth jazz cd 'Nils Blue Planet' hit #2 on Radio in England and co-wrote a tune on George Benson's CD; his Lovestar production credits include co-producer on the all-star remake of 'Imagine', 'Mysterie of the Trees' on Earth Day/Creation, 'Age of Miracles', and 'Recycle', Producer of 'Dov, Journey To Eden'


Suzanne Teng and Mystic Journey Sagewing visionary Flautist Suzanne Teng creating her own world music CD with soothing melodies and exotic rhythmic original sounds..MYSTIC JOURNEY has just won the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS BEST NEW AGE ARTIST 2004 !!


Peter Sterling, Harpist, Music of the Angels Band of Angel's Harpist Peter Sterling's #1 N.A..R top 100 release, featuring Dov on violin, Richard Hardy on winds. Angelic music for any angelic moment or event. For massage, relax, etc.


Bobbie Jo Curley, Harpist, Vocalist, Songwriter Bobbie Jo Curley, of Sagewing, composes and sings her own melodic harp songs on her new CD, Heavenly Blues, as well as Aolian Harp, and other CD's from Hipnautical Records. Sail away with Bobbie and Roger Curley




Vann Johnson Vann Johnson, wonderful and inspirational lead vocalist with the Yanni Taj Mahal Tribute tour to India and China, has her own CD called Messages and a great website. She sings lead on 'Breathe The Love', from 'Dov Journey To Eden'

Lawrence Spector, Romantic and Healing Classical Guitar Ideal background music for candlelight dinner, Valentines Day, massage therapy sessions. 61 minutes of soothing music.



Hands On'Semble Stellar percussion group, featuring Austin Wrinkle, on Tablas. Austin performs on Lovestar releases, Dov Journey to Eden, Quercus, and Sagewing Under the Big Sky



Metzler Violin Shop Violin shop in Glendale, CA, where Dov has his violins cared for, bows reharied, and purchases new instruments. This is a great place to purchase violins, and other stringed instruments, string music, or increase your knowledge of stringed instruments.




presenting Visionary and Brilliant new art

Erial's Imagination's Window Visionary Artist Erial's floating on-line Gallery. View celestial visions and sacred symbols from the heart of the Divine Imagination. Higher vibrational mirrors to uplift, heal and inspire.



Wistancia New Earth Initiations, and teachings, white time healing, giant index of spritual and tansformational resources, books, tapes, CD's, lightspace.

LAMARLER Louise Marler's world communicates a deep tension between old and young; dirty and clean; rough and delicate. She distills an untapped beauty in the otherwise mundane-her viewers snap to the familiar and reexamine memory. Her prints are rich and colorful, often feeling like vintage Americana. She blends hand crafts with technology. There is a playfulness and elasticity in the way Louise works.

Jim Wrinkle Artist; brilliant, colorful, and imaginative images that open dimensions with his paintings and computer drawings that weave new landscapes into the societal-visual tapestry


Spiritual Communication Be connected to higher information and insights from the Spritual Realms and Archangels and Extra Terrestrials. View additional art by Erial and New Earth Certified teachings and White Time Healer.



Rowena reveals the art works, books and videos of Rowena Pattee Kryder, visionary of our times, dedicated to assisting the Earth regain her Celestial Earth status.



Elvism Website of the Galactik trading card oracle and an elvish song of life
celebrating the podular release of the 7th design incarnation of the Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex.


Nyako Nakar

Crop Circles, Shambala, Holograms, fun colorful art.




Living in Harmony with the Earth


BioGems Saving Endangered Wild Places...You can visit this site and help protect important species and lands, such as the Arctic Wildlife refuge, rainforests, Yellowstone, etc. by sending emails to Congress from this site.


TreePeople Greening urban communitites, one tree at a time. TreePeople, located on Mulholand Drive in Los Angeles brings to LA and the world the most comprehensive grassroot approach to greening cities, caring for trees, and creating community around our sources of air, our trees. For education or action, check them out!


Environmental Technology Associates
ETA is an environmental technologies company whose purpose is to develop and promote waste-to-product conversion technology internationally


Restore Hetch Hetchy Learn about and help to restore the Hetch Hetchy, in Yosemite, now under water, and what John Muir called a second Yosemite Valley.


ECO The entertainment industry's environmental roundtable, bringing the message ofearth stewardship through the media.


Oasis TV The new age of media; a guide to conscious thought on the arts, world peace, health, the heart, spirituality and more from authors and lecturers; articles and earth friendly shopping and information on making a difference today.


Wisdom Radio Hear New Earth Teachings and Wisdom from the ages and allcultures.