1. Poems from the CD: "Journey To Eden"

2."I Dreamed A Crystal Moment


3."Pearls From Inner Earth"

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1. From "Journey To Eden"...... Poems by Dov...... Art by Greg Spalenka





2. "I Dreamed a Crystal Moment"

A Poem by Dov

Written for Poetry In Motion, Michael Lally, poet in charge, 1991,

Recited live in the Hollywood Club called Pallette


I Dreamed a Crystal Moment...

I found myself upon a mountain path
Looking ahead and behind,
And over the hills where other paths wind
Wanting to dance on peaks my brothers had climbed
But I knew in time
I would travel them all
If I stayed on the path that was mine.

I know when I’m on it
For climbing's no burden
The thorns and heat loose their power and sting
I’m, a mountain goat
And on each rock I float...
And the pain from the rain is worth the flowers she brings.
Yet when I reach the top I have not tune to sing
But what I have learned is how jump and to turn
And how to make the best grazing selections.

Now the breeze beckons me to follow it’s lead
Toward the pastures where my heart can feed
And I wander in that direction.
I wade through a stream, into a new dream
Now I’ve become a lion and I sense my lioness
The scent of her stillness subdues the advent of my chillness
And on the flat savannah plains
We play royal courting games.
Until I’ve made her my highness

And I feel her breast
As I dream and I rest
As the mountains climbed long ago
To be king of beasts
Is to be king of the most and the least
Of the newest and the oldest
The hottest and the coldest
But mostly king of my own beastly thoughts

And yet, I was content as a goat
Until I could no longer deny the roar that was caught in my throat
So when the breeze beckoned I said...why not?
And as the breeze stirs again
I rise from your side, my sleeping love friend
While your memory of me is still of romance
In the past I have stayed, just to watch our love fade
'Er comfort’s shadow spoil love’s sacred slow dance.


You may awaken and think another lioness is calling
And you may be right.
But I hear the breeze call me into the night
The same breath I followed which led to your purr
If I had not listened then,
I would not now be savoring the scent of your fur

I tread a new wilderness
And recall how I have longed to explore
Even as I crawl in this desert of dryness
To the depths of my thirst
Where the graveyard of dreams greets passion bubbles as they come to burst.
Pricked by aborted kisses and howling echo laughs...
Until there is silence

I have chosen to enter this canyon of despair
While my heart still treasures the love that we share
And my highness, this distant land of my past,
Where not once upon it’s secrets has your graceful shadow been cast...
This land is mine to know and love too
Even if it means to be far away from you.
And the scent of your mystery on my mane

To life me out of the pain of my grieving reflection...
In the fool pool of lifetimes of rejections
Im my mind...
Inspires new visions,

Like your fresh caresses
Noble gestures of sharing
Courageous moments of caring,

In which we have stepped together into the void
T o find the feeling that can only be shared

Yes, we have dared
T o grow together...
T enderly and powerfully
And now to behold where it has brought us.
Into this moment...


And gently it blesses all moments now silent
with an eteranl grace.
T or it was on this trail that I was led to our crystal moment...

And I now behold my child guardian
awakened with your love so near...
Sifting me from the sands of a time
W hen I too once cried
When the butterfly of love butterflied away before I said goodbye

I drift upon a silent sea
A current now calls inside of me
I swim through ancient forests swaying
To the music of time forever playing.
I reach the oldest temple gate
Where I took my first breath of this worlds wondrous fate

And again I am transformed.

I dive into the cavern where I know she still swims
I long for the sea and the other dolphins
I ride upon a wave that licks the shore
My love has awakened once more...

Finding pleasure in her body’s curve
For I have found a new way to serve.
And in the cave we dance a romance

A crystal moment beyond the call of chance.
In the service of each others need for bliss
And I settle against her soft dreamy side
Wanting to make this an eternal ride
She looks at me as if with mine own eyes

And gives me final kiss goodbye
And swims away.

Somewhere in time, this crystal moment feeds into a clear cool stream
Waiting for the next thirst traveler to round the bend
For having felt the ebb and flow of the soul
I let go of the reigns of control and into my hand falls a seed

As I had left my lioness,

So too has this dolphin left me.


I found the path that is mine by becoming the seed,

And blowing to where the wind was hungry to feed
And saying OK to paths that appeared on the way,

And the I followed them until it was neither night nor day.
Then I knew that this path was not the one for me.
I wandered and blew and then rested and grew,

Until I had become a tree.

Fastened near a cliff where a man was looking down
Deep in the thought of why and why not.
And through the heartbeat of crickets I found his heart...
And from such a view I could understand
How my bottled emotions have made the wall which stands tall
Before the path that is mine.

And so I sat and drank the wine.

I found it easier to see
The paths I explored until they pathed no more
Where more than paths, they were extensions of me

The breeze again stirred me with a touch and was awoken.
And so now I walk the path my legs year to travel
A path that surely leads towards my love.
For I have gone to the edge

And found a realm beyond this one,
A place for some distant future or some fogotten past...
but not for right now...

I yearn to walk the path my legs like to travel
Though I Exchange this certainty for a new freedom dream
And feeling as through I had kissed the sun before it greeted the horizon,

I set off to find my own crystal moment.
Forgetting that they grow on walls of timeless caves,
Far from parades and planning
Falling as the leaves of stars
Transforming as a seed into the unsuspecting hand
Blessing dreams in prayer.

As I walk the vista,

from every shore

I hear a song
Calling to be sung...
Each song has your name within..
Though I hardly realize it
Each song is an echo of the first crystal moment

One song will lead to you.
One song tells of this love story
And there by a tree you rest,
I see you had your own self battle to win

On a kiss, we dance with the current of our soul
Royal games and sharing flames
Releasing weighty thoughts to make room
For a love that has grown
Nurtured by each step upon the path
Towards a new crystal moment...