Symphony of the Sacred Forest
Gary Dov Gertzweig's Symphony of the Sacred Forest is a gathering of melodies from the neighboring forests of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. Dov hiked and travelled in the oak woodlands, sagebrush hillsides and river valleys of southern California and returned home with new melodies which he and orchestrators Kirk Hunter and Cary Belling compiled into the complete 25 minute long Symphonic Fantasy.

The piece unites a traditional Orchestral setup with semi-tribal percussion, drums, bass, piano, and takes the listener through a melodic journey celebrating the majesty of the forest, brigning us in touch with the feelings about what is happening to our natural world and raising awareness of our need to protect and cherish not only oak and redwood forests, but rainforests and all forests, as well.

This symphony has been performed twice, both times in Southern California. It was debuted in a condensed form by the Valley Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Robert Chauls and Los Angeles Valley College Auditorium. Mr. Gertzweig performed Electric violin solo with the orchestra.

The piece was debuted in it's entirety by the Bakersfield College Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Robert Martinez. Mr. Gertzweig also performed the Electric violin solo with the orchestra.

This version is the original midi recording of the piece, compiled by Kirk Hunter.

This piece can be performed with Large Screen images of Forests as a spectacular pops or regular season concert production. Additionally, special effects can be utilized to create an amazing visual experience by Zuma technology, as performed on other concerts by Dov.


Symphony of the Forest Poster by Visionary Artist Erial


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