Dov is a Composer, Environmentalist, Music Producer, Violinist, Artist, and Writer who utilizes the arts to enhance appreciation and awareness for the human link to the natural world. He has written over 300 musical compositions, many of them songs and pieces that relate to nature, and performed on hundreds of concerts and events spanning classical, pop, folk, rock, world, improvisational and new age music.....

Says R.J. Lannan: “Multi-instrumentalist and composer Dov introduces several sensational smooth jazz instrumentals and a few fine vocals on his new album called Journey to Eden. Playing his electric exotic-looking five-string violin, acoustic violin and piano, the composer takes you on a trip to paradise. Dov’s music will soar in your heart and your mind.”

Recently Dov has performed live in concert on and on several albums with New World Artist and Composer David Arkenstone. The following was written by reviewer Michael Debbage about The Grand Circle: "The most accessible track would probably be the very melodious "Wind and Water" featuring some affectionate guitar work embellished with some gorgeous violin work from Dov."

Dov is also the Executive Producer and performer on sensational guitarist Nils' smooth jazz release, Pacific Coast Highway. It was Radio and Records #1 song for ’05 and his next single, Summer Nights is back on the top of the charts as well.

Dov's own recent release, Journey To Eden has been nominated as one of the five finalists for the 2005 New Age Reporter’s Lifestyle Awards for Best Contemporary Instrumental CD, as well as placing 2nd on the March monthly airplay chart after Kitaro. The CD has been internationally promoted by Ed Bonk, and has aired on over 200 radio stations across the world. It is currently being distributed Nationally and Internationally in Singapore, Thailand, and Malasia. This CD includes stellar performances by a host of remarkable studio players and recording artists and performers. Music from the CD is being used on a UNCDF United Nations DVD.

Says Innnerchange Magazine, about Dov's playing, comparing his sound to Vangelis, "The Vast spaciousness and eloquence of Dov's music somehow seems to speak to the best in us as human beings."
Dov’s songs have been included on various compellation CD’s including Hallelu, was selected to be included on the Jeff Gelder Holiday CD to benefit Children’s Hospital of San Diego, Ancient Garden was on the Dennis Kucinich Compellation, and Dov’s Voices of the World was included on the Compellation for Cindy Sheehan by Musicians For Peace.

Dov has performed his original material with full band at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, the Roxy, and at many environmental events including Universal City’s ‘Earthwalk’, John Denver’s ‘Windstar Symposium’ in Aspen, and was invited to be the closing performer at the final concert of the 1992 ‘Global Forum’ at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Classically trained, Dov has been a member of symphonies, folk bands, rock bands and is also a singer/songwriter, artist, writer, poet and muralist, and his composition ‘Symphony of the Sacred Forest’ was written for a 70-piece orchestra and has been performed live by Orchestras in both Los Angeles and Bakersfield. Dov’s talent as a string arranger, and his own string section, has been featured on countless Latin American records, including releases by Juan Gabriel, Rocio Durcal, and Jose Jose. He also worked extensively as a studio musician, as concertmaster for Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendez and others, and as a session player for many celebrity artists including Natalie Cole, Vanessa Williams, and Celine Dione. In the New Age genre, Dov has performed live and has been a featured artist on multiple recording projects with David Arkenstone, Harpist Peter Sterling, and Flautist Suzanne Teng and her band Mystic Journey.

Growing up in North Hollywood, CA, Dov attended Grant High School, where he wrote his first orchestral piece, 'Melodic Moods' and studied music every Saturday at the Cal Arts Youth Music Program and became concertmaster for the Cal Arts Youth Orchestra, where he performed the Bruch Violin Concerto with Orchestra. An audition won him a music scholarship to attend the University of Southern California Music School and study under the baton of Daniel Lewis and the violin instruction of Eudice Shapiro. At that time he was a member of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra as well.

At USC. he also studied song arranging with D'Arneill Pershing and organized a string section which began recording for famous Latin artists. Eventually Dov became a string arranger and worked with arrangers Jimmy Haskel, Steve Rucker, Bill Cuomo, and Michel Colombier. He was asked to do the string arrangements for such famous albums as Juan Gabriel's 'Cosas De Enmorados' and Rocio Durcal's 'Frente a Frente'. He also was concertmaster for many recordings including Herb Alpert's Fandango and the hit single Route 66, Sergio Mendez, Camillo Cesto, Lani Hall, as well as live in concert for Kim Carnes.

Dov continued to write songs and spent a year working on the recording of his composition: 'The River of Peace', written for the Million Minutes of Peace campaign. He was asked to perform it for the 1988 Annual Dedication of the Self Realization Fellowship's Lake Shrine, where he composed an entire program of inspirational music for a variety of performers.

During a winter visit to Yosemite National Park, Dov wrote his first environmental song. 'Earth' and continued to put music to lyrics about the inspiration he received from nature's beauty, and songs to raise awareness on the need to protect our planet’s forests.

The Earth Summit:

Dov attended the Earth Summit in Rio DeJaniero in June, 1992 where his environmental children's songs where being performed. With the Planet Players he opened two shows for Vice President Al Gore. Under a full lunar eclipse at 2:30 a.m., and with an international band, his song 'Earth Day, Every Day' was the closing song for the Final Concert attended by some 300,000 people at Flamengo Park. He played violin at the ‘Sacred Campfire’ with Jimmy Cliff and Jim Barenholtz. He was mentioned in the Book 'The Earth Summit: Planetary Reckoning' by Adam Rogers.

Later in September of 1992, The Planet Players were asked to lead singing for a group of over 100 inner city kids from across the country gathered at the Windstar Ranch in Aspen Colorado. Many Native American leaders were present and Teepees were set up for the outdoor group experience teaching the values of living in harmony with the land. At the conclusion of the week, Dov and the Planet Players were asked to perform with the teens on stage at the Windstar Symposium. The 2,000 member audience was brought to their feet to sing and clap as Dov's 'Earth Day Every Day' was performed with the 50 member Native American Indian Council also on stage. The next performer was John Denver who hosted the event and his music gave much inspiration to all as it had through his life. Meeting John in Rio at the Summit and at the Symposium inspired Dov to pursue his environmental activism while being a musical artsist and Dov is a nature docent and a citizen forester who has led Tree People tree planting projects to beautify neighborhoods, as well as working with LA City Council in City Beautification projects, and performing at City Events.

Lovestar Records:
Dov began the process of integrating his knowledge from the years at A&M Records and in studio to form a record label: Lovestar Records. He met Bobbie Jo Curley and began writing songs together to bring forward awareness for the environment. Calling on Suzanne Teng, on flute and Harry Gilbert on Cello, they formed Sagewing and performed for many Los Angeles Environmental events, including benefits to preserve the Summit Valley in Topanga. Many performances later, a tape was released called 'For the Hold up the Sky'. Dov's song 'Earth Day Every Day' was the featured song for the 1994 Earth Walk at Universal Studios. Meeting Brian Hirsch on Earth Day, Dov worked with him to complete the compilation CD 'Earth Day Creation'.

Dov reopened his Topanga gallery renaming it Dolphin Cove, and held Earth Day tree planting events, as well as community gatherings. Asked by his elementary school music teacher to assist her, Dov' became an elementary school music teacher and assisted the orchestra to several concerts, one captured by the newspaper and where he sang 'Earth Day Every Day'. This song has been sung on many other occasions by choruses of children in other schools. Later Dov taught weekly music class at preschools and performed many of his children's songs.
Adding to the Lovestar Record catalog, Dov started working with pianist Greg Harris, a piano/violin duo became Quercus with the addition of Dan Morris on percussion and the first CD of Greg's music was recorded at A&M records and called ' Ode to Earthly Delights, and later a 5 piece recording/concertizing ensemble.... recorded the next CD... 'Quercus'. Along with Harpist Peter Sterling, Aziz Paige and Richard Hardy, Dov helped to form the Band of Angels new-world fusion music and recorded a new CD....'World Beyond 2000.' Recently completed is Dov's "Symphony of the Sacred Forest". Gathering melodies from the neighboring forests of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas, Dov worked with orchestrators Kirk Hunter and Cary Belling or complete the 25 minute long Symphonic Fantasy. The piece unites a traditional Orchestral setup with semi-tribal percussion, drums, bass, piano, and takes the listener through a melodic journey celebrating the majesty of the Redwood and Oak forests.

'Seraphim Rhapsody' weaves the electric and acoustic violin and viola with synths and is ideal for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and massage, Dov's Seraphim Rhapsody is a journey through exotic angelic textures of sounds and auditory images, melodies and unexpected moments, creating a canvas of musical moments with violin, both electric acoustic and viola, blended with synthesized backdrops, to effect a feeling of being lifted to a higher dimension...perhaps where the grand angels called Seraphim reside....Harp, Sitar, and nature sounds add to the ambiance, and one can truly be carried to a cloud Island....where grand perspective answers questions of the heart...and soothes the meandering soul. Seraphim Rhapsody includes text of the story, and the perfect music to wind down the day and dream enhancement and for sharing the spirit. Dov later completed additional CD’s including 'Forest Reverie', a journey through the forests, a second Sagewing CD called "Under the Big Sky" was also recorded, and most recently 'Journey To Eden' which features some of the best Studio Musicians in LA. Produced by Nils and released by Lovestar Records.

To give a vehicle for the many years of labor and caring for the Planet, Dov and Judi Amber Chase together co-founded the 'Earth Harmony Foundation.' As-Founder/Artistic Director, Dov has supported numerous wildlife and forest protection issues, including Saving the Redwoods, Save America's Forests and protecting the Rainforests in Puna, Hawaii. He has led the Environmental Action Committee, actively involved in restoring the harmony of the natural world. He has also been a major force behind the International Children's Rights Committee and performed for a benefit at the House of Blues to speak out for children’s rights and assist the DCFS. He has orchestrated many murals in Los Angeles to cover graffiti and present the images of environmental stewardship. The foundation plans to continue the murals, music and create Eco-Arts Camps for children and adults. Dov also worked as the assistant Program Director for the Whole Life Expo for 3 years, setting up events, and performing and speaking as well.


You can listen to this music by Dov from Lovestar Records:

Earth Day Creation

Ode to Earthly Delights


.'World Beyond 2000

Symphony of the Sacred Forest

Seraphim Rhapsody

Forest Reverie

Under the Big Sky

Journey To Eden


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