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Dov's Virtual Press Kit

Dov - Forest Reverie

From the depths of the forest comes a reverie...a moment out of time where harmony embraces all of nature...taking on many forms, many archetypes and fairy angelic bodies...transforming through time and culture, yet speaking in a constant laguage everywhere there are trees, there is life...calling to the nature home in each heart. There within is a mystic forest...a union of all forests really, a space that is sheltered and made beautiful by the trees of our own spiritual growth and strength, a place that is watered by flowing streams of our expanded consciousness, and inhabited by creatures of our love and action. Here exists a sacred landscape, within our souls and around us. Here exists an ancient tradition of balance between the unseen and the seen...To be in the mystic forests...both inner and outer, where the muses, the fairies, the saints, the devas, and spirits of the universe come to visit, to live, to share wisdom and to drink of the essence of the fertile forests....garland of earth’s bounty, is to be near the sublime crown of earthly manifestation....


You are listening to Forest Reverie from the CD Forest Reverie  



``Dov's music is so spiritual and deeply transporting and uplifting. Art and music merge into a beautiful harmony of magic and lovelight sound... - Rev. Leorah

"It is so very moving and beautiful. I love the way it moves energy through me- I feel sadness lift and release, deep and profound peace, my heart open and open again, continuously throughout. The encoding that is released through the tones and sequencing so clearly takes me "Home" to deeper union with Spirit." - Kim Spalding

Gary "Dov" Gertzweig is a Composer, Environmentalist, Music Producer, Violinist, Artist, and Writer who utilizes the arts to enhance appreciation and awareness for our eternal link to the natural world. He has written over 300 musical compositions, many of them songs and pieces that relate to nature, and performed on hundreds of concerts and events spanning classical, pop, folk, rock, improvisational and new age music.....

His compositions are aimed at healing, upliftment, and uniting the traditions of the classics with the future of music.

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You are listening to

'Forest Reverie'

from the CD Forest Reverie


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