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Temple of The Goddess Breathe The Love
Sea of Tranquility Ancient Garden





'Breathe The Love'

Music Video

A Zuma 3DMAx Media MPEG video file which can be played on anycomputer...

Includes Poetry by Dov and Artwork of Greg Spalenka

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Journey To Eden’ is the debut mystical smooth jazz album from Dov, featuring his velvety 5-string

electric violin along with the warm, luxuriant tones of acoustic violin & sultry viola playing. Included is a
unique cover version with wah-electric violin, of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and two of Dov’s original songs, ‘Forever in Time’ and ‘Breathe The Love. The rest are instrumental, combining world rhythms, catchy pop/rock hooks, heart-opening classical music, which all fuse together into an innovative new mix of smooth jazz.

The project is a collaboration between Dov and the record’s producer, German-born guitar player, Nils,

whose own album, ‘Pacific Coast Highway’, is currently climbing the smooth jazz charts with Dov as Executive Producer. 'Journey to Eden’ is rooted in the soil of Dov’s original compositions and
sparkles with stellar performances from renowned smooth jazz artists, who
interweave their musical magic throughout a variety of lush exotic, rhythmic landscapes.

Dov switches to piano for the final track ‘Sea Of Tranquility’ while his own string section,
“The Smooth Strings” soothe the listener like a gentle mist to complete the journey.

Dov - Journey To Eden

featuring Dov on Electric 5 String Violin, acoustic violin and viola and piano

Journey To Eden also feautures ...

Vann Johnson: Vocals

Gerald Albright: Flutes

Abe Laboriel: Bass Paul Humphreys: Keys/Synth

Billy Preston:Hammond B3

Tommy Coster Jr: Synth Prog,

Ricky Lawson: Drums Alex Al: Bass
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion, Steve Ferone: Drums
Larry Dunn: Piano/Moog Nils: Guitars
Suzanne Teng: Flutes

Bobbie Jo Curley: Harp

Enzo Todesco: Drums

Kathryn Bostic : Vocals, Keys
Dave Hart: Guitars

Freddie Ravel: Keys

Spoken Word: Adwin

Vocals: Eric Peterson


Musical Production: Nils, Executive Producer: Dov, Mixed by Wolfgang Amadeus, Dave Redeau, Nils, Mastered at Future Disc by Steve Hall Art: Greg Spalenka, Design: Jeff Burne, MPEG Video Produced by Rik Henderson


a cast of wonderful musicians shared their talents

Proceeds from sales of this CD go to the The Earth Harmony Foundationto restore Earth’s Pristine Beauty

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