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Dov - Journey to Eden

Electric Violin, a Mystic Jazz Journey to a New World Featuring....Full productions,orchestrated for a blend of smooth jazz band, new age rock and pop....featuring top studio musicians and vocalists. Vann Johnson, Billy Preston, Ricky Lawson, Freddie Ravel, Abe Laboriel, Paulinho Da Costa, Larry Dunn, Gerald Albright, Paul Humphreys, Tommy Coster Jr., Alex Al, Steve Ferone, Nils, Kathryn Bostic, Eric Peterson. Produced by Wave artist, guitarist Nils.

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Dov - Transmuteo Inspired by the DVD with the same name by Jean-Luc Bozolli, Transmuteo takes you into an imaginary world of cosmic sounds, uplifting rhythms, and dreamlike worlds. From the Seahorse Waltze to the Spirit Dolphin, it is a visionary journey through an imaginary world, dancing to the 'Cosmic Bolero, and the power of Pursuit of a Dream and Infinite View. This CD includes the entire score by Dov.Truimphant guitar work of Nils as well as being produced by Nils, this CD includes a version of 6 of the tracks from the score remasterd and mixed and recorded to take you upon a wave of peace into the world of Transmuteo.

Music for Massage, Relaxation, Yoga, Dreams and Meditation

Dov - Forest Reverie

Walk along the musical trail with Dov's moving melodies on electric 5 string violin, acoustic violin, viola, synth keyboards, and nature sounds to bring you to your sacred space..enter portals into neighboring dimensions, past worlds and future dreams. We sense a grace and awe, where creatures are part of not just the web of life, but the cycle of time...a sense of reverence is thick in the air and each crystal stone and blade of grass has magic and mystery. Welcome to the forest reverie.

Dov - Seraphim Rhapsody

Journey on the wings of light...Dov weaves an array of string sounds: electric 5 string violin, acoustic viola and violin with synthesizers, nature sounds, with guest harp and sitar to produce expanding cascades of musical wonder, and pure enjoyment.


Band of Angels - World Beyond 2000

Ethereal melodies and sounds, heartfelt improvisations, exotic flavors from sitar, harp, flute, violin and angelic vocals..magically blended with the gentle voices of Mother Nature...Inspired by harpist Peter Sterling and Aziz Paige of Shapeshifters


Dov - Ocean Dreams (NEW!)

A Journey with Dolphins and Whales through a mystic ocean, soothing and relaxing, providing an escape into surreal and subtle realms of the deep. Ideal for massage, and winding down into a sublime space.

Quercus Journeys:

Adventures into Classically Inspired Rock and Beyond

Quercus - Boondoggle

Rock and run...a wild and giant world beat rock adventure. Exotic original instrumental music with electric violin, piano keyboards, world percussion, electric guitar, and acoustic bass...Energy for working out, dance, parties and exploring where rock is heading in the future....Composer/Keyboards Greg Harris lifts music to a new level.


Quercus - Ode to Earthly Delights

Quercus' first release with originals by pianist Greg Harris for violin, piano and percussion.... exotic variations on a classical theme, ...visit subtle and captivating soundscapes, impressionistic chamber music performance reinventing classical music.


Environmental Journeys:

Across the Planet and Into the Heart of Nature

Sagewing - Earth Day Creation

Journey into the Heart of Nature with songs by artists Sagewing, Brian Hirsch, Dan Walker, and Dov. Earthsave Founder John Robbins says it is "soothing, inspiring, and uplifting"...feel the connection to our planet with songs about forests, rivers, nature sounds, and gorgeous instrumentals... with vocals, harp, violin, flutes, cello, synths, piano, and orchestra.


Sagewing - Under the Big Sky

Sagewing music is a transformational folk/rock chamber experience, with vocal and acoustic songs reflecting the wonder of our planet and the interconnectedness of all beings...


Dov - Spirit of America

You are listening to 'Sea of Tranquility' from Dov Journey to Eden

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