Dov - Ocean Dreams

‘Ocean Dreams’ is a mystical underwater, soul diving adventure from Dov, featuring his velvety 5-string electric violin along with the warm, luxuriant tones of acoustic violin & sultry viola playing and synths and sounds of the oceans. a variety of lush exotic, rhythmic landscapes. Dov soothes the listener like a gentle misty compositions, which flow and sway, creating an experience of the creatures of the water. Whale Meditation, And Coral Palace area longer journeys, while all the pieces submerge the listener in a world of wonder and beauty

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Edge of the Deep

Set your dreams in motion with waves of blissful meanderings.

Meditate with the cosmos.

Use this in massage or relaxation or pure enjoyment to let the world melt away for a while.


Featuring Dov on Electric 5 String Violin, acoustic violin, sythesizers and other sounds.

Dolphins and Whales and ocean waves...

With touches of Russ Feingold on Didgery-doo.



Gary "Dov" Gertzweig is a Composer, Environmentalist, Music Producer, Violinist, Artist, and Writer who utilizes the arts to enhance appreciation and awareness for our eternal link to the natural world. He has written over 300 musical compositions, many of them songs and pieces that relate to nature, and performed on hundreds of concerts and events spanning classical, pop, folk, rock, improvisational and new age music.....

His compositions are aimed at healing, upliftment, and uniting the traditions of the classics with the future of music.


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