Band of Angels - World Beyond 2000

Bringing together some of the world's most ancient, exotic, and beautiful instruments....Ethereal tapestries of sound are formed, delicately balanced above world music rhythms and placed alongside sawed and soothing sounds of Mother Nature. Allow yourself to experience the peace, tranquility, and serenity of the Angels....on a musical journey to the Celestial Realms..... Band of Angels was born during a Solar Eclipse and perfect alignment of sun, moon and star. Angels sing through inspired musicians and exotic instruments, as we embrace the eternal melodies of radiant light. Diverse cultures of the world are brought together in a new vision of peace, harmony, and unity.



Springtime Serenade
Native Spirit
Angel of the Sea
Cherry Blossom
Music Box
Emerald Isle
Angel of Love
After the Storm


"Angelically inspired for sure!" -Terry Lynn Taylor (Author of Messengers of Light)

"Our standard sound therapy CD. We use it all across the country" - Chas and Marcia Stone (Facilitators for Angel Nathanael Workshops)




Peter Sterling: harp, keyboard and percussion

Aziz Paige: sitar, keyboard and percussion

Khabira Paige: tanpura

Richard Hardy: native and silver flutes and pennywhistle

Dov: electric and acoustic violin, viola and keyboard

Eddie Guthman: bass, mandolin and cittern

Alain Eskinasi: udu

Michael Dwyer: percussion

Brad Buley: percussion

Gwendolyn Kilfoyle: vocals

Lisa MacEwan: vocals

Cover Art: Erial ****You can purchase the series of artwork created for Band of Angel by Erial

Band of Angels was created by Lovestar Records in association with Dawnstar Productions and Harp Magic Music.


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