Quercus - Boondoggle

Quercus debuted as a trio (violin, percussion, and piano), in 1997 with "Ode to Earthly Delights," a CD that mixed a gypsy, middle-eastern influence with classical sensibilities. On their latest release, 'Boondoggle', Quercus has expanded to include string bass and electric guitar, as well as using the 5-string electric violin and keyboard--ushering in a screamin' psychedelic rock, with exotic scales and a dash of danger. PJ Birosik writes, "Music to stimulate the psyche and sear the soul; a challenging, transformative adventure in sound. Not for the weak or faint of heart.. Quercus members are 'schooled musicians' who share a passion for 'wild rock.'



Puerta Del Sol
The Red Cloak
Moonlight Mardigras




Dov - Electric Five String / Violin

Orest Balaban - Acoustic Bass

Greg Harris - Piano / Keyboard

Pat Byrne - Electric Guitar / Mandolin

Austin Wrinkle - Drums / Percussion




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