Welcome to the Puna Relief Page.

You can donate to the Ashes to Beauty campaign to help people on the Big Island of Hawaii who were displaced from their homes due to the Kieaua Volcanic eruption. We have already sent money to people in need and with your help we can continue to support the challenges facing those who have lost their homes and their belongings.




Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Relief Fund for Displaced Puna Residents  ... Many have lost their homes to the lava

The Earth Harmony Foundation invites you to join us in sending our aloha to everyone who lost their homes to the Kilauea Volcanic Eruptions and the Lava Flows that have inundated the Puna District, Hawaii. We want to let them know that people from across the world and from ‘Contact in the Desert’ care about them.

2,000 people are under mandatory evacuation, and many are living in the shelters and in need of our help.

Please click here to donate.. Our goal is to send every family a $100 gift card.  Please donate any amount you wish.

Thank you.

 Judi and Dov, Co- Founders of the Earth Harmony Foundation

100% of your donation will go to bless these families in this challenging time.