Spirit Vision - Book of Poetic Meditations by Dov with Art by Erial

This book contains inspired poetry and prayerful meditations on connecting with Spirit. Each piece of art has a poem whereby the two together create a journey to the spiritual realms. Says Kabbalah Bach - (Tibetan bowl player and sound healer from the group Gaia Mama) - "I love to read the meditations before I go to sleep and often when I wake up, and for other occasions...a daily gift for me truly to be connected to great spirit."

Journey To Eden - DOV's CD Downloads and Disc

Journey to Eden is Dov's breakthrough Musical Extravaganza, with Love Story, Ancient Garden, Summer Rain, as well as vocal tunes Breathe the Love and Forever in Time, with vocalists Vann Johnson, Kathryn Bostic, and players such as Gerald Albright, Steve Ferone, and produced by Nils.