Music for Yoga, Massage, Healing

Meditation, Channeling and Visualization

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A fun and educational Yoga Song and you can sing along if you want...

'Yoga means union of the body soul and mind'


DOV:Seraphim Rhapsody

Dov's Seraphim Rhapsody journeys into the world of the Seraphim: The Grand Angels of Transformation. Dov has weaved a musical ladder to this subtle and luscious world with exotic angelic textures and soundscapes that evoke gracious images and dreamy sensations. Brush strokes from electric and acoustic violin/viola blended with synthesized backdrops, Harp, Sitar, and nature sounds allow the canvas of sounds to become a portal to a higher dimension.... Seraphim Rhapsody includes celestial artwork from visionary artist Erial and Dov's text of the story, and is the perfect music to wind down the day or to create a connection with the Seraphim at any time....


Ethereal melodies and sounds, heartfelt improvisations, exotic flavors from sitar, harp, flute, violin and angelic vocals..magically blended with the gentle voices of Mother Nature...Inspired by harpist Peter Sterling and Aziz Paige


Walk along the musical trail with Dov's moving melodies on electric 5 string violin, acoustic violin, viola, synth keyboards, and nature sounds to bring you to your sacred space...through the groves from tiniest flower to tallest giant sequoia tree is a sense of expanded awareness as we enter portals into neighboring dimensions, past worlds and future dreams. We sense a grace and awe, where creatures are part of not just the web of life, but the cycle of time...a sense of reverence is thick in the air and each crystal stone and blade of grass has magic and mystery. Welcome to the forest reverie.


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by Lou Martin from his Guides, The Pleiadians

From forthcoming CD 'Mirror of Dreams' CD