Dov performing Temple of the Goddess at House of Blues with Nils and his band.

From Dov's CD Journey to Eden - Love Story

From Dov's CD Journey To Eden - Summer Rain

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 Dov in his studio




DOV is a composer, singer songwriter, violinist, producer. His many albums include #2 NAR Journey to Eden.

 DOV is an artist and muralist, painting dozens of murals for the community.

Current show at Assemblyman Nazarian Office in Van Nuys, CA as well as showing in Hawaii.


UPCOMING: DOV's Tarot Deck

Dolphin Muse Tarot 


DOV is a writer for spiritual upliftment, stories with important lessons, poetry and screenplays.



DOV is a proponent for positive change through letter writing, murals, songs with messages. etc. Dov has created the Earth Harmony Channel for videos with positive messages.