When Dov first sat in an orchestra as an 11 year old, he remembers the overwhelming experience of hearing the sounds made by even then young amateur players. the flutes to him were entirely luminous and he recalls telling his parent they sounded like angels.


from that moment on he was on a path of music, writing songs on piano shortly afterwards. on yom Kippur, he was asked to compose something for a local temple Makom Or Shalom, and the piece he came up with was originally named Tishamet, due to the year the numbers spelt in Hebrew. it was original for two violins, although he played it and recorded it on man occasions as a solo violin piece, wither with Greg Harris on piano for his CD Seraphim Rhapsody, adding synths, or for his Journey to Eden CD where he performed it in an arranged produced by Nils for rock Band.


Now he as arranged it for full orchestra featuring violin and cello, returning after 30 years to a dual instrument approach.






Seraphim Rhapsody

by DOV


Poet has a sense of honor

To bring the color to the rose

To see the truth amidst the ashes

To see beneath false fashioned clothes.


A sense of duty to a moment

When a cloud pauses to oversee

The land based gardens blooming flowers

So disparate sovereign shores can agree.


Honesty becomes the one who remembers

Moments where life stretched itself upward

Where stargems transferred their magic

When the spirit and soul were highlighted together.


Spirit from above, the soul from below.

The heart a place to reconcile

Honor never waivers, never doubts

Never hides in robes of denial.


A veil of angels whose wings enjoin

Circling round like a starry dome

Keep the peace amidst the storms

Reminding always heart is home.


For focused soley on the source

Loyal in every thought and feather

To the wind the breath of God

We the cells love holds together.


A song is noble

It casts the spell

Of kindness truth and honesty


Notes must align

To create the chord of dignity and harmony

To be a note of a divine tune

To vibrate in accordance with elation

The rhapsody of seraphim

Plays within

The beating heart

Of creation