DOV & Lovestar Records.


Our goal is to create and promote the finest quality music, works of art and entertainment possible that uplift, inspire and reflect not only musical integrity, but the care and concern for our planet and all creatures who dwell upon it.

In today's music, the genre is often amorphous as music endeavors to reflect the history of our world, from the western classics to the world beat rhythms, from folk to jazz, pop to rock. Lovestar Records is dedicated to releasing that music which brings joy and peace, creates magic or messages of truth, and moves the consciousness of humanity forward, while bringing the hearts of nations closer together.

Lovestar Records was founded by Dov, in 1980 who wrote a proposal for a record company while working as an intern at A&M Records, and attending the USC School of Business 'Entreprenuership', as well as studying classical violin and studio arranging at the USC School of Music. Dov developed his production abilities while arranging strings for many leading Latin American artists, working with world class producers, arrangers and artists such as Michel Colombier, Jimmy Haskel, Herb Alpert, Kim Carnes, Sergio Mendez, Jose Jose, Rocio Durcal, and while working in the studios. He also performed at dozens of environmental events, including the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and John Denver's Windstar Symposium, where music was a key to bringing forward messages of care and hope for the planet.

Lovestar Records first three releases were all cassette tapes; 'Touch of the Sun', 'The River of Peace', (which was a collection of Dov's environmental and peace songs, featuring a variety of singers) and 'For the Hold up the Sky', a live radio show concert performed by the folk band Sagewing. Shortly after, Dov brought Sagewing into the studio and assembled the label's first CD release, a compilation entitled, 'Earth Day, Creation.' This was just as the CD's title song was chosen as the theme song for the 1992 Earthwalk at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA. The second release, Quercus, 'Ode To Earthly Delights' was the last album to be recorded at A&M's famous Studio C, and features a pioneering collection of Greg Harris' original 'new classical' tunes. The next releases included a second Quercus CD, and a series of CD's which are geared to meditative and healing experiences,and they continue to be in wide use for yoga, message, and for relaxation.

Lovestar Records and Dov were instrumental forces in the production and completion of the powerful and innovative 2005 Smooth Jazz release of Nils, 'Pacific Coast Highway', which went on to attain #1 on the Smooth Jazz Radio and Records Charts for 7 weeks in May-June-July of 2005. Nils also produced the Lovestar Records release, Dov, 'Journey To Eden', a mystic jazz voyage, which attained a #2, #3 and #10 on the New Age Reporter Top New Age 100 Monthly Charts.

Lovestar Records material is being licensed to several countries in Asia and has been played at the United Nations, many Earth Festivals.


and work is now under way for a Children's, as well as new music for healing, and other new releases.
Lovestar Records hosts the site and offices of the Earth Harmony Foundation, which works to protect out environment, creates murals to improve alleys, schools, and retirement houses, does tree plantings, and advocates on behalf of protecting children's rights.

Lovestar Records also hosts the website of Dreampeace Art Gallery, which features the visionary and healing art of Erial, the nature art of Dov, as well as other works.
Dov believes that "Artists are often spokespeople for the silent earth, sharing the secrets, the splendors, and the sensitivities of nature and the planet in music, art or words, so that our experience of life may be more profound and full of meaning. Music is the vehicle for expressing that which yearns to come forth from the heart, and to carry an innate universal hope which aims to unite people across the globe."




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DOV has performed on numerous recordings, including supplying strings section work on  many record projects. Below are some of the Artists and Records he has recorded with.


Celtic Chill  
Celine Dione  
Vanessa Williams  
Natalie Cole  
Memories of a Cosmic Heart  
 Mystic Journey  
 Juan Gabriel