Dov - Bobbie Jo Curley - Suzanne Teng - Harry Gilbert

From 1994-2000 Sagewing sang songs of joy and connection to Mother Nature.

Performing at dozens of events, Earth Day Concert, Coffee Shops, Topanga gatherings 


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 Sagewing is included in this list of great albums with Earth songs..

Sagewing sings about life, love, and nature. Sagewing includes the talents of Harpist/Vocalist Bobbie Jo Curley, Flautist Suzanne Teng, and Cellist Harry Gilbert. All four members were trained on a diet of classical music, as they learned their unique instrument, and yet are versatile in the pop, folk, and contemporary fields of music. The genesis of the band centered around concerts for advancing awareness and respecting and harmonizing with nature.

Sagewing was selected to Celebrate the 1992 Earthwalk at Universal Studios, kicking off a walk by 5,000 people with a performance of their rendition of 'Earth Day Every Day'. On the Earthday Creation CD, Sagewing was produced by Nils Jiptner, Dave Hart, Roger Curley and live recordings by Brian May, who often hosted the band on his radio show 'Malibu Folk'. Nature sounds connect the pieces into a journey.... Sagewing has opened for Iron Butterfly at a benefit Performance at L.A.'s The Roxy, and performed at the Hollywood Bowl Arts Fair, at numerous Expos and Earthday Fairs, McCabes, Concerts for the National Park Service, The Annual Wildflower Show in Malibu, numerous coffee houses, Posada, Topanga Days, The Amazon, and concerts in many outdoor parks and wilderness areas, as well as other venues, television and radio shows in Los Angeles. Through their songs and music, Sagewing has inspired many people to feel more connected to each other and to the messages of nature.

Sagewing's Message:

The timeless ancient presence of forests is a gift that through silence and deep meditation can be accessed. Sagewing is a band that has come to learn, that now is the time to reestablish the natural link with nature. More specifically: Feel, in our own lives as humans, the guidance of mother earth. The music is inspired by this knowledge. The ideology declares that love is the highest order and it brings us into connection with ourselves and the earth. The music speaks of an energy that lies within each one of us. The energy moves us forward just as a tree grows with grace, beauty, patience, self worth and joy. When the energy is undisturbed, its flow allows the ways of nature to thrive. When this happens the rare and endangered species will again populate the forests and the oceans and skies will become clean. How?

By planting gardens and growing our own vegetables.

Finding new streams and new water supplies.

Moving toward solar energy and recycling.

By replacing the asphalt and concrete in our school yards with grass fields, trees and plants.

Learning the language of music and art.

In doing so, we will become less dependent upon the products that harm our environment and more receptive to the voice of earth. Only until this happens, will we again live in peace with nature and with each other.

"Sagewing Magic flute and merry voices Sing of earth and sky... Four hearts beat as family One sound fills space/time With love and life - The love of life, celebrate your vision one world aligned and full of life... streams of music ride forth upon the strings into the soul - all spirits dance together - dance to remember the prime mover moves everything moves through all - through the music, mind and matter to vibrate with your wings". -Dale Wayne Jackson 7/16/94