in order to return to the concert... he must heal the Land of champions, the Siren has stolen the seven notes, and spread them across the kingdom, the music has stopped.. You must go Dov and find the seven notes, retrieve them and return them to the Mayor of Tarotville then the rainbow will form and you can return to your concert.



in order to return to the concert... he must retrieve the seven notes.. the rainbow scale. to be a musician must find the secret of music.

1.  from the Wildlife Ballet Ringmaster. in the Forest of Strength - (performs and protects half the world) escapes and hears he can take the high road..follow the Bird of Eternity

2. from the Bird of Eternity on the high road of peace. must retrieve the note in the nest of the condor...placed by the siren bird...

3. From the Emperor Beethoven - at the concert hall..- in the Castle of Inspiration (Opens the window gets the note.)

4.  from the Ocean Spirit, in the Sea of Judgement - Must swim with a mermaid and cross ocean to find earth goddess. like venus on the shell, follow her spirit

5. from the earth goddess, at the forest of muses, must receive a kiss from the EArth Goddess

6. . from the Angel of Belief, in the land of Temperance - Must climb the mountain and dance with an Angel 

7. from the Mayor of Tarotville. in the Land of Champions..  must tell a story about his journey.. gets to return..