HI!. I am excited to be diving back into a work of music from around 2004 which I wrote and produced with the talented Nils. I have added some percussion and drums from Tribal Tree's Dave Norrwoods, and my own new additions of keyboards, new synths, violin pats, vocals and looking forward to a release soon with the new mix of all the tunes. check the calendar for an upcoming performance near you.


Hi! This is DOV and I am excited to be performing live to film the score I composed and recorded (along with producer Nils) for Jean-Luc Bozzoli's visionary digital spiritual adventure art film called 'TRANSMUTEO'.
Featuring the electric violin and elaborating on the theme of Peaceful Earth, this performance is part of the Spiritual Unity Movement monthly full moon celebration at 'The Onion' Historical Cultural Landmark. SUM honors the dignity of all paths of worship and quest for truth and enlightenment including supporting the arts. Suggested donation of $15 towards the organization, however any amount accepted. Thank you for your interest. Peace! DOV
here is a link to sample of score link to sample of the movie and score: